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    IT takes little imagination to comprehend this threat by Pakatan Harapan and how it will play out politically.

    Already more than 24 hours has passed on the coalition’s demand, wherein no ministers have resigned, rendering the threat devoid of worth or that the rakyat are fools.

    It was obvious the threat was for PH to gauge the rakyat’s level of dissatisfaction in view of the fact that the MOU it signed with the present government is due to end and the much talked about impending general election.

    There is no real benefit that PH appears to offer the rakyat, except to help the politicians from this coalition achieve their own objectives using the turnout and, if it is large enough, persuade the masses to vote for the coalition during the coming general election.

    Focusing on image and myth making, as well as creating hype to whip up support, and hoping to persuade sufficient numbers of passive voters is a strategy that doesn’t work in today’s environment, where information and disinformation are in abundance.

    As the coalition admitted, the ‘promised land’ in its manifesto in 2018 was not all it was cracked up to be, leaving Malaysians feeling that the coalition pulled wool over their eyes.

    The country is clearly failing at present and the government’s policy response clearly needs a reset.

    The government was scrambling to respond with various stop gap measures flagged to address the rising costs in living, which appears to be poorly co-ordinated, and lacking understanding and insight into the issues of the day.

    Recovery plans have so far mostly fallen short, despite encouraging signs from the government.

    The rakyat has been clamouring for a shift in thinking but none was forthcoming. If any was proposed, was clearly disappointing.

    The rakyat is totally confused and doesn’t know what to believe in anymore.

    The present crisis has exposed how easily the carefully nurtured MOU between the government and PH can rupture.

    The depth and breadth of the current circumstances have brought the issue of resilience and preparedness to the fore of the public consciousness.

    The country is now too fragmented to be governed efficiently.

    It might be a democracy, with signs of economic growth everywhere, but those things that happen do so because of its people, not the government.

    Always. Time and again. The rakyat are left to draw on their own strengths and resources.

    As the government failed in its deliveries – which is mainly scrambling to get the economy back on its feet quickly with a series of haphazard and incoherent measures – PH should have stepped up and offer its own proposed economic recovery packages.

    This means doing more than the moribund measures announced to date by the clueless government.

    Getting the masses to express their anger publicly will not resolve the core issues affecting them now, ie uncontrolled rising in food prices.

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